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  3. 館長挨拶(Director greeting)
館長挨拶(Director greeting)
Yumeji and Taisho romance that the hometown raised
Yumeji Regional Art Museum Director Mitsunobu Kojima
Welcome to the website of the Yumeji Folk Art Museum, an art museum in the Yumeji Hometown! It is said that “when ever, Yumeji is new,” but what Yumeji tried to draw is a poem in Yumeji’s own mind, and it is possible to touch that mind through Yumeji’s works, even in any age. I think you are empathic. This Yumeji Art was brought up in the rich climate of the spacious plains of Oku-machi, Okayama Prefecture, and the birthplace of Yumeji was born and raised, and Yumeji was married to the pillar of the window of the room where he spent his boyhood. I think that you can touch Yumeji’s heart if you look at the name written in back letters and the serene rural landscape after crawling with the elder sister. And “Yumeji Taisho romance” of the time when it can be said that it is Japan’s Belle Epoque will surely make you feel the hometown of your heart. Large eyes with hidden eyes, women with unique large limbs and gentle S-shaped lines, and still many new designs, poets and painters, and further illustrations, bindings, envelopes, letter paper and half collars It is a rare multi-artist in the world who can try to bring art into everyday life of common people, etc., and designs of obi and so on. And there is Yumeji folk art museum main building which Michelin recognized as one star as Takehisa Yumeji Museum which is called “Japan’s Lautrec” by a walk from Okayama Korakuen where I visited with Hikono who Yumeji loves . Many of Japan’s largest collection of autographs will attract you to visit us. It would be nice if you could feel the birthplace in the town where Yumeji was born and raised, and the “heart” that Yumeji tried to draw in the main museum of the museum.